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The CURTA Calculator Page***
    This page is run by Rick Furr and it's full of Curta information. 
    Curta Instruction Manual Web version of Curta instruction manual.
    An interview with Curt Herzstark by Peter Kradolfer 
    translated by Andries de Man.

Web version of original Curta instruction manual.**
Computing Examples for the CURTA Calculating Machine

Disassembling a Curta Calculator**
    Greg Saville shows us how and what's inside when you do. Photo Gallery** used to be an alias for, but now it is a photo gallery. in German**

The Amazing CURTA!**
    A great introduction to the Curta, by Bruce Flamm 

Dark Roasted Blend article. Lots of pix.

X-Number World**
  A great page about all kinds of calculators -- new, old, and not-yet-invented!

The Amazing CURTA!**
  by Bruce Flamm, Co-Editor of the International Association of Calculator Collectors.

Futurist Paul Saffo **
  talks about the Curta and Silicon Valley.

 Curta Calculator -- News Tech History
    A news article about the Curta in racing -- with a video clip (if you can configure RealMedia...)
    A Rallyists Guide for the Use and Operation of the 15 Place Curta Calculator
    The Curta Calculator: From Prison to Invention 
    A brief article translated from The Liechtensteiner Volksblatt, 1989.
    A one-paragraph article with a couple of pictures.

Rick Bensene's short page on Curta I and Curta I 
   Picture of Curta II.

  A Rallyists Guide for the Use and Operation  of a
  Curta Calculator 

Antiques of Science & Technology
   Picture of Curta Pocket Size Calculator Type I, serial number no. 9289.

Computer Museum Mechanical Calculators
   Pictures of Abacus, Slide Rule, Monroe, Curta, Aritma (like a linear Curta)

Mechanical Calculators - Articles
  Articles about the Curta, Millionaire, Friden, Monroe, Marchant, etc.

Museum of Mechanical Calculators
  Slide rules are pretty cool, but real men need a Curta calculator.
programmable calculators

Calculating Machines
  A site for mechanical calculating machines from a collector's point of view. Saville's Pictures & Links Collection


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