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Review - "The CURTA watch"

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PostPosted: Tue May 24, 2022 8:35 am    Post subject: Review - "The CURTA watch" Reply with quote

Review - "The CURTA watch" of Mr. Mathias Schneider (curtaschweiz)

The Curta watch was published by Mr. Schneider on May 2022
... and is offered as a limited edition of 75 pieces (CHF 3750.00, about US$3850.00).

You will not believe it - purely by chance Mr. Schneider had exactly the same idea to create a Curta watch - unfortunately, the opposite cannot be proven. According to the legal assessment, the original rights are difficult to prove - with this exception:
"...However, these features (the Curta design details) have been taken over by the calculating machine, so that such rights would probably lie with the legal successor of Contina AG or the heirs of Curt Herzstark."

(Source: Product presentation on various websites of Mr. Schneider, e.g. curtawatch_com)

So far so good - here is my review:
    General impression: this Curta watch appears rather cluttered - in proportions not necessarily corresponding to a Curta. Of course, you can recognize - as with my original design - design elements of the Curta. However, these have not always been consistently adopted/interpreted, but have a certain arbitrariness.

    The dial is surrounded by an unnecessarily wide ring - (1) an additional 12 division for the hours and (2) a ring for the two decimal markers. Thus, the typical view of the Curta (from above) is lost. Furthermore, (3) the inner white thin ring and (4) the white (quite chunky) border is untypical for a Curta based design.

    The numerals in the result (black) and counter dial (white) are unfortunate arranged and clash with the division of twelve. Also, (5) the division of the result and counter dial in the middle of a digit is a rather gross design error, the functional design of the Curta is completely ignored.

    The minute hand is shown as the clearing lever, but (6) in an incomprehensible red and with a gap or black mark(?) on the outer periphery ( looks like a typical broken clearing lever). The hour hand was inspired (7) by the crank, but the white color is incongruous.

    In the center, the second hand rotates (8) with the Contina logo, but this reference to the Curta is not very authentic. In the center is the spherical segment of the crank on every Curta.

    And finally - the crown (9) does not look like a knurled Curta crank handle at all.

    I would have noted "Swiss Made" on the back of the watch - the Curta was produced in Liechtenstein, after all.

    "2022 - The 75th Anniversary of CURTA" - is probably more marketing than solid historical basis. 1947 was certainly an important year for Contina AG - the first factory prototypes were produced. And the name CURTA did not exist in 1947... The history of Curta began much earlier, as we know.

    At CHF 3750.00, this watch is rather overpriced.

PS... I dealt with my original design of THE CURTA WATCH for a very long time and very thoroughly - so I will take the liberty here to go into the design details of this variant.
Original idea published here: |

The Curta Watch (c) 2018 - side view

The Curta Watch (c) 2018 - top view
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