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Help With Measurements, Anyone?

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 22, 2013 12:01 am    Post subject: Help With Measurements, Anyone? Reply with quote

I will do my best to make it clear as to what my plan is.

Goal: Make an accurately dimensioned 3D model of a Type I Curta in SolidWorks and provide the files/drawings to those who want them. I'm using the educational version of the software, so they need to be available free of charge. Other models/variants may eventually be possible, but focus is on just one model as a starting point.

This isn't to be some virtual simulator, but a model from which parts drawings can be made if one (a hobbyist perhaps?) would like to take on the challenge to build. I know there are guys out there who build running, miniature models of engines and other such things for pleasure, so it's not a huge stretch.

I have been working on a side project for a while, but I keep running into some hangups here and there along the way. It's been moved from the back burner to the front and back again more than a few times, each time with a bit more progress.

I do have all the images and documentation that Rick Furr had provided the creator of the Curta Simulator in VRML, but there is good deal of information that isn't present in them and I also need someone who does repairs or has access to parts that might be able to proof read the drawings that I make for accuracy. That has been the hardest part. I originally asked Rick is he could help in this manner, but he didn't have the spare time due to other obligations and also didn't have a Curta that could be torn down at the time I had asked.

It'd be great I I had a box of parts that I could look at and take measurements from, but monetarily and logistically, this isn't the best option. The alternative is a picture of the part in question and the desired dimensions or even someone who has access to the part in question than can double check the dimensions as the parts get modeled. All of this is time consuming, but if it's one part at a time, it could potentially work.

I already have about 30-40 individual parts modeled, but I still need some dimensions verified on them, as they were derived from nearby parts or inferred from other dimensions on the same part. One part in particular is the small pin on the geared end of the display wheel. Some have half pins and I have no idea what the angle should be for the flat on the half pin. Another difficult part(s) is the transmission shaft with a bunch of disks of differing diameters, but I have no idea what they are shaped like towards the center or what keeps them in line or locked in place.

There are other parts, like washers or bushings, that would be trivial to model, but most of the those dimensions still also unknown at this point.

Just so you can see some of the progress I have made, here are some renders and parts drawings for a few of the parts I have made so far. Please note that some of these parts, like the Upper Main Casting, are not yet completed. I have a number of other parts that have been modeled, but not rendered yet, too. Any help in this department would be greatly appriciated.

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