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The Curta was produced in two basic models:

There are two major variations of the Type I: early and late. The early models have a metal crank and metal clearing lever, and came with a metal carrying case. In the mid 1960s Contina supplied the Type I with a plastic crank and plastic clearing lever, and shipped the units with a plastic carrying case.

There are three major variations of the Type II : black body, grey body, and grey body with plastic crank and plastic clearing lever. The black body Type II looks more like the Type I because the main body is all black. All black body Type II's came with a metal crank and metal clearing lever. In the late 1950s, Contina started producing the Type II with a grey crackle painted body and collar. These Curtas continued to have metal cranks and metal clearing levers until the mid 1960. Then, as with the Type I model, the grey Type IIs were supplied with plastic cranks and plastic clearing levers.

The factory phased in appearance changes over time. As a result, there are many "halfway" model variations. It is these units that often spark extreme interest in collectors...

Functional Differences

ModelType IType II
"Entry/Counter/Results" Readouts8 x 6 x 1111 x 8 x 15
Data Entry Register (Multiplicand)8 digits11 digits
Crank Turns Counter (Multiplier)6 digits8 digits
Result Register (Product)11 digits15 digits
Add or Multiply to11 places15 places
Divide To6 places8 places
Diameter2 1/16 in. (53 mm)2 9/16 in. (65 mm)
Height3 3/8 in. (85 mm)3 5/8 in (90 mm)
Weight8 oz. (230 g)12 1/2 oz. (360 g)

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