Lee Wood

November 3, 2006 - This morning one of my co-workers brought in a Curta Type I that a friend had given him. My co-worker had been presented with Curta s/n 6835 and the stipulation that if he could figure out how to use it, he could keep it. We cheated (just a little!) and downloaded a "Your Curta Calculator" manual which helped us determine how the instrument operates.

The Curta is in beautiful condition. I'd only seen pictures in the past, but I immediately knew what it was and what the value was (intrinsic, if not monetary) as soon as he pulled the lid off of the case. The case shows some wear, but the calculator itself looks brand new. Not being directly exposed to a Curta previously, I was surprised how wonderful it seem in my hands...holding it was almost like a spiritual experience.

I had used slide rules for the first two years of college. My first 4 function calculator cost me almost $300 (more than $700 for my first engineering calc). I wish I had had a Curta!

 Lee Wood
 Engineering Specialist
 City of Montrose, Colorado

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