Square Algorithm

Squaring is simply a special case of the MultiplyingAlgorithm where the two numbers being multiplied are equal. Simply put the number to be squared in the Setting Registerand follow the normal steps for multiplication until the same number shows up in the Counting Register. The answer is on the Result Register.

For example, 37^2:

  1. Put 37 into the Setting Register by moving the two right-most switches to 3 and 7.
  2. Make sure the top of the calculator is shifted all the way CW.
  3. Lift the crank and turn it 3 times (effectively starting with -3 in the counhter register, which will read [99]999997).
  4. Lower the crank.
  5. Rotate the top CCW one position, turn the crank once ( -3 + 10 = 7) and then 3 more times ( 7 + 30 = 37).
  6. The Result Register reads 1369, therefore 37^2=1369

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